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Behind the scenes of a Local Ukulele Festival!

Ever wondered what it's like at a local ukulele festival? I visited the Box Ukulele Festival in the Summer of 2022 and brought my trusty recorder with me to capture the experience.

I've been to the Los Angeles Ukulele Festival by plane, and taken trains and boats to get to the Austria Ukulele Festival in Europe.

But for this one all I needed to do was jump on the 271 bus from right outside my house!

I spoke to performers, attendees, fundraisers, organisers and got a great look behind the scenes of a local ukulele festival. There was even a game of cricket going on in the field next door, and it got so hot that my phone melted!

A big thank you to the Mother Pluckers for organising this terrific event. I can't wait for the next one, whenever that may be!

The Ukulele Teacher in some cool sunglasses holding up a ukulele at the 2022 Box Ukulele Festival
At the Box Ukulele Festival 2022 - it was a hot day!


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