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I played mouth trumpet on Leno! (Victoria Vox)

Victoria Vox is a true independent spirit! I met her at the L.A. Ukulele Festival last year and we had a great chart about what it means to be an independent artist, how she played mouth trumpet on the Jay Leno show, how and why she came up with the name Victoria Vox, and lots and lots more besides.

We also talk a great deal about her phenomenal latest album, Nirvana In R.E.M. - including where the title comes from (it's nothing to do with Kurt Cobain or Michael Stipe...), the original artworks that inspired the songs, and the exciting directions she's taking the ukulele with the use of sampling, octave pedals, and other cool effects.

We chatted for nearly two hours, so this hour-long episode is just the edited highlights! But if you want more I'll be posting some extra inserts on my Patreon page very soon - so be sure to sign up for that if you want bonus content and to get a warm fuzzy feeling that you're helping support the show!


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Victoria Vox stood next to John Atkins (The Ukulele Teacher) in front of the Ukulele Tales logo
Victoria Vox Interview


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