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Playing the ukulele helped me beat cancer! (Ron Telpner)

This week I chatted with the inimitable Ron Telpner, who very kindly shared his incredible story about how playing the ukulele helped him beat cancer!

When my friend Ron Telpner was given a cancer diagnosis he was told he had less than a year to live. For most people this would be a literal death sentence. But Ron isn't most people.

Seven years later he's still going strong, larger than life and twice as colourful.

His secret? Playing the ukulele!

After knowing each other online for much of this period, we finally got the chance to have a long in-person conversation at NAMM last month, which I recorded for this week's podcast.

In an emotional chat, we talk about his pre-ukulele career as a successful marketer for multiple million-dollar companies, his diagnosis, his inimitable fashion sense, how he believes that the ukulele saved his life, and drawing so much attention to his NaMM concert that he nearly got the whole Kala booth shut down!

Ron is a one-of-a-kind guy, and this is an interview you're really not going to want to miss, so please make sure you're subscribed to Ukulele Tales for this Wednesday's episode.

Ukulele Tales is sponsored by Kala Brand Music - visit my special link for a 10% discount on anything from the Kala website.

Ron Telpner in a colourful jacket and John Atkins, The Ukulele Teacher, stood in front of the Kala booth at NaMM
Ron Telpner and me at NaMM


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