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What's Simon Cowell REALLY like? (Daudia interview)

This week I spoke to Italian ukulele duo, Davide and Claudia - collectively known as Daudia!

We met at NaMM just before they performed at the Kala stage, and although it was only a quick chat, we covered a lot of ground:

  • What’s the ukulele scene like in Italy?

  • Appearing on the X Factor

  • What’s Simon Cowell really like?

  • Why didn’t they stay in England after X factor?

  • Did social media make them or break them?

  • How success on YouTube brought them fame around the world, including Kenya and Argentina and South Africa

  • How did Covid affect their growth?

  • Which do they prefer - performing live or making YouTube videos?

  • Their new album coming out


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Me stood between Davide and Claudia of Daudia at the NaMM 2023 music convention in Anaheim, California
Me and Daudia at NaMM 2023


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