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"Why I took my music off Spotify!" - Phil Doleman

This week journeyman musician Phil Doleman stopped by on the way to a folk music festival for lunch and a chat!

We talk about:

  • Being a ukulele YouTube OG

  • Playing on Top of the Pops

  • Performing at Downton Abbey

  • Why he's "not an Ed Sheeran guy"

  • Why he took his music down from Spotify

  • The importance of keeping old music alive

  • His comedy double-act The Re-Entrants

  • Getting over stage fright

  • Phil Doleman Spotify

And lots, lots more. Give this one a listen, as Phil is a really knowledgeable guy with bags of personality!

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Phil Doleman, brandishing his ukulele, and John Atkins - aka The Ukulele Teacher
Phil and John

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Unknown member
Jul 11, 2023

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